NEW Improved Options available

Until recently, deciding on parasite control options for your dog wasn’t without its challenges. How to identify the problem, which one of a wide range of solutions would best suit the purpose and get to grips with the problem, the whole subject was a potential minefield. And the final answer might have involved a combination of ‘spot-on’ products, tablets and collars – confusing, to say the least.

Now, however, we are delighted to announce a new and unique ‘all in one’ product called NexGard Spectra that protects against key parasites* and comes in the form of a single tasty tablet. The tablets are like chews, they are easy to give and, unlike when using a spot-on product, your dog can be stroked and cuddled straight after treatment, and swimming or bathing won’t affect it working. It can be given with or without food and dogs love them, now parasite control is as easy as giving a treat to your dog and it’s fast acting too!

At the moment, NexGard Spectra is only available for dogs, but don’t worry, ‘new improved’ cat options are available too, protecting against the major, key parasites*. You’re probably familiar with Stronghold, which protects against the essentials i.e. fleas and roundworm. Now there is Stronghold Plus which also protects against ticks too!

Members of our Orchard Health Gold Plan (previously referred to as Option C Plan) will automatically benefit from these products:

Gold ‘Complete Cover’ costs from £17.99 for dogs and £18.99 for cats

Alternative health plan options available

Silver ‘Advanced Cover’

Available for dogs and cats from £14.49. Fast acting (kills fleas within 1 hour), comprehensive cover against Fleas, Roundworm and Lungworm (Lungworm affects dogs only in the UK) in the form of a monthly spot on.

Bronze ‘Essential Cover’

A very popular basic parasite control option available for dogs and cats from as little as £13.99/month and comes in the form of a spot on applied monthly. Kills fleas within 24 hours.

Rabbit plans are also available for £9.99/month* providing them with Blowfly Control (Flystrike).

All of our plans include an annual health check & booster, six month check up and discounts on other selected products, such as pet food, neutering and shop items. 

Please be aware that some wormer may be still be required separately, in the form of a tablet and this will depend on the plan chosen for your pet.

*Key Parasites include the following:

  • Lungworm: picked up when your dog swallows slugs and snails or larvae in their slime trails, either on purpose or accidentally when chewing grass, playing or drinking outside. Lungworm can be deadly to dogs, infections are on the increase and are being seen in previously unaffected areas.
  • Ticks: a growing threat, a recent survey showed that 1 in 3 dogs were infested with ticks. They can transmit diseases such as babesiosis to your dog and some transmit Lyme disease to both dogs and people. So you can see it’s really important that your dog is regularly treated against this parasite.
  • Roundworm: the eggs of the roundworm Toxocara are passed in dogs’ faeces and, if accidentally eaten by humans, can develop into larvae which travel through the body and have been associated with neurological signs and even blindness, especially in young children. Regular treatment will help protect your dog and help reduce the risks to your family and other people too.
  • Fleas: an ever-present risk, which can cause intense itching and scratching when they bite our dogs to feed on their blood. Once established in the environment, a flea infestation can take up to 6 months to resolve, so regular treatment is absolutely key for prevention.*Prices correct August 2017

Terms and Conditions apply, please contact the practice for further information.