Cat Vaccination Amnesty

Has your cat’s booster vaccination slipped your mind?

Orchard Vets is launching a vaccine amnesty for cats during November and December to help protect them from potentially fatal diseases. As a result, the practice will be offering reduced price vaccinations for all cats whose vaccination has lapsed.

Pets will receive a full vaccination course against feline flu, enteritis and leukemia for the price of a booster during the 2 month long event, offering a SAVING of up to £24.00.

With 50% of the UK cat population now keeping up to date with their boosters the instance of these diseases is very much reduced. But even though no longer rife, they are still around, causing outbreaks without warning. The only way to reduce the risk is vaccination which is why we’re embarking on the vaccine amnesty scheme.

If a pet’s annual booster injections has lapsed, you can book a full vaccine course of two injections three weeks apart. Thereafter an annual booster of one injection is all that is needed to maintain protection. You will also have the opportunity to discuss the benefits of our health plan, parasite control and any other questions you may have. If you’d like to take advantage of our vaccination amnesty please call us on 01458 832972.

Terms & conditions apply

  • Valid for cats only
  • Valid for cats who are over 15 months of age
  • Only cats vaccinated more than 15 months ago are able to take advantage of this offer
  • The pet owner will be expected to pay the price of a booster at the time of the first part of the vaccination
  • The pet owner is responsible for ensuring the course of vaccinations are completed (i.e. two injections 3 to 4 weeks apart). Should the cat not be presented within the 3-4 week interval, we cannot guarantee full protection and you may have to re-present him/her for the whole course again, subject to extra costs
  • Offer is for a re-start for the price of a booster.
  • Routine vaccinations cover your cat against cat flu, feline infectious enteritis & feline leukaemia virus (please be aware that some minor flu symptoms could still be seen)
  • MSD’s Nobivac brand of vaccine is used by Orchard Veterinary Group
  • Any additional consultations, medicines prescribed and stock items will be charged at our usual rate.
  • Vaccines are offered by appointment only. Out of hours appointments will be charged at our usual out of hours rate and are not included in this offer.
  • Offer is valid from 1st November 2017 until 31st December 2017. The course must be completed before 31st January 2018.
  • No further discounts or offers may be used with the Vaccine Amnesty.
  • For non-Orchard Veterinary Group clients, in order to receive the offer, you must register your pet with us and agree to our standard business terms and conditions.
  • To continue protection annual Booster vaccinations

Orchard Health Plan members whose pet’s vaccination has lapsed may take advantage of this offer between November and December 2017, at no additional cost to their membership.