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Practice Opening Times and Easter 2017 10th April 2017

Please be aware that the practice is closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, however one of vets will be available during this period for emergencies.   Telephone our normal number (01458 832972) and listen to the recorded message giving you an emergency number to call (01223 849 784) and the vet on duty will get in touch as […]

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Forthcoming ‘Successful Calving’ Farmers Meeting 28th November 2016

  Orchard Vets has a team of farm animal specialists that cover Glastonbury, Street and the surrounding Somerset villages. We understand the importance of sharing information, and never is this more relevant than in the farming community. And although we know that all farms face different challenges, there are certain ‘constants’ that will help us […]

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Coccidiosis Update 10th November 2016

  Coccidiosis is a problem of intensively-reared lambs and calves, occurring primarily indoors where stocking densities are high but may also occur in young animals at pasture, where there is heavy contamination around feed troughs in creep areas during warm wet weather. Loss of gut absorptive capacity results in profuse diarrhoea. Morbidity is high but […]

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