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Farmers Meetings

Keep up to date with the latest developments

At Orchard Vets we understand the importance of sharing information, and never is this more relevant than in the farming community. And although we know that all farms face different challenges, there are certain ‘constants’ that will help us all to maintain healthy herds while maximising production.


Relevant to you and your stock

We hold annual fertility and mastitis meetings, giving all of us in the farming community the opportunity to compare specific performance figures.  These meetings are not just open to Orchard farm clients – anyone can attend, simply bring your data along with you.

As well as these core annual meetings, we hold regular groups and workshops that give us the opportunity to share information and advice on the latest ‘hot’ topics, or issues that are relevant to you and your stock.  Equally, we always welcome input so if you are experiencing specific issues or would like us to cover a particular topic, do get in touch.


Share ideas (and pies and pizza!)

As well as being an excellent opportunity to get valuable information, our meetings are also a great place to share ideas, experiences, a few laughs and copious amounts of pies and pizza!


Forthcoming meetings:

Topic: Successful Calving
Date:   February 2017
Venue:  To be confirmed


Our Farmers Meetings are always popular, so if you would like to attend a future event do let us know by ringing 01458 832972 or email farmspecialists@ovg.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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