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What Our Farmers Say About Us


Orchard Vets – the farm specialists

Put simply, we offer an unrivalled level of expertise that keeps your herd healthy while maximising production through easy to manage contract models. But don’t just take our word for it – this is what real farmers say about our services…


“We particularly value the discipline of carrying out a monthly evaluation of the health and fertility of our dairy herd. Information is always up to date and this enables us to make better business decisions and use preventative measures wherever possible, rather than treatments.”

Ed and John Frost. Melsbury Farm


“Our routine veterinary work, comprising a fortnightly health and fertility visit, means the vet is very much part of our farm team. This helps in many ways, in particular with the repeated close attention to monitoring the cows; promoting good health and welfare.  It also helps us with forward planning – we know we will always have time to focus on and discuss specific areas when we need to.”

Barrie, Rosemary and Becky Bryer.


“We use the Orchard Vets contract arrangement to make sure we get the right mix of clinical time, fortnightly routine fertility work and monthly management to discuss our data, milk recordings and nutrition. By sending our data into the vets, we remain close to what’s happening with the cows’ performance.”

Chris Franks


You couldn’t wish for a better veterinary team to help you grow and develop your business in the best way possible.  So to find out more why not get in touch…

Telephone: 01458 832972  Email: farmspecialists@ovg.co.uk or just pop in and see us.