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Why Choose Orchard?

We are farm animal specialists, committed to the farming sector

Established in 1939, we are farm animal specialists and have a proven history in both veterinary medicine and veterinary business in Somerset and the South West.

Not all veterinary practices are the same.  While some may advertise themselves as farm animal specialists, what they really mean is that they don’t deal with pets.  Orchard Vets is the only practice in the UK with not one, but two Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) recognised Specialists in Cattle Health and Production.  No mean feat considering there are only 34 in the whole country, and this knowledge is passed down through all of our staff.  This experience is translated into practical, cost effective veterinary work and as a result our clients have access to expertise unrivalled in the UK.

Our focus is on preventative herd health, and we deliver this through a number of contract models, emphasising the service we provide.  In our opinion, drugs should be prescribed based solely on clinical need rather than commercial incentive; that’s why we provide them ‘at cost’ as part of our contracts, often making them cheaper than internet pharmacies.


Knowledge built on sure foundations

Our farm section has existed in the Glastonbury area in one form or another for around 70 years.  During that time we have accumulated invaluable knowledge of the unique local conditions found in the region, particularly with reference to teart pasture management.  We have also been at the forefront of the veterinary scene nationally too, from early pioneering work with AI to present day collaborations with Bristol and Nottingham Universities on ground-breaking research in to herd health and fertility, mastitis control and farm assurance schemes in dairy herds.


What Orchard Vets can offer your farm business

Orchard Vets prides itself on providing a top quality and cost effective service to farmers. Our farm practice is predominantly dairy with some beef and sheep. Our team of farm animal vets are specialists in cattle health and production and our services include:-

  • Routine herd visits to aid in health and fertility management.
  • Mastitis and udder health, lameness and foot care.
  • Feeding for production and health
  • Provision of herd health plans that comply with the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme
  • Rearing young stock

We provide a computerised recording service for our dairy farmers that allows data analysis on site with rapid turnaround time and an early warning of poor fertility and disease. This also fulfils the requirement for disease recording as a part of the National Dairy Farm Assurance Scheme.

We are committed to the farming sector and have contributed substantially to frontline research that has made significant improvements to the health of dairy cows and the profitability of dairy farming.

We also perform duties on behalf of DEFRA including TB testing both routine and pre-movement.


A service tailored to your needs

We offer not simply an efficient 24 hour farm emergency service, staffed by our own vets, but advice on herd health matters from feeding to fertility and mastitis to minerals delivered through regular routine visits.  Our philosophy is certainly that prevention is better than cure and we will work with you to ensure that things are working at the optimal level, giving the ideal balance between production and herd health.

Our range of simple, no nonsense farm contracts are tailored to your individual needs and by monitoring internet pharmacies we are able to offer incredible savings on drugs including dry cow therapy, mastitis tubes, leptospirosis vaccine and much more.


Farmers Meetings

We hold regular, free Farmers Meetings to help you keep up to date, maintain standards and exchange ideas. For more information about our Farmers Meetings CLICK HERE


You couldn’t wish for a better veterinary team to help you grow and develop your business in the best way possible.  So to find out more why not get in touch…

Telephone: 01458 832972  Email: farmspecialists@ovg.co.uk or just pop in and see us.