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Welcome to our new website!

15th November 2016


New logo. New website. Same great service!

At Orchard Vets we have always prided ourselves on good old fashioned care, compassion and customer service. And although our vets are continually updating their knowledge and skills in order to remain at the cutting edge of veterinary care, and year on year we invest in our unrivalled practice facilities; we have been guilty of neglecting our website, branding and general image.  To be fair, as we say “The patient always comes first”, but to be honest an overhaul was long overdue.


Pet owner or farmer – there’s something for everyone.

You will notice around the practice and on correspondence that we have a shiny new logo – we hope you like it!  We also needed a new website that would better represent our practice, and the range of services and facilities that we offer. The tricky thing was to design a site that would work for both our pet owners and our farm clients.  We have managed this by using different highlight colours – green for pets and blue for farms.  So if you are a pet owner and the logo and highlights are green – you’re on the right page.  Equally, our farm clients will notice a blue logo in the header whenever they are on a farm related page.  Like a lot of things – it sounds complicated but it isn’t. Just jump on and start clicking!


It’s good to talk!

Ultimately though, the purpose of the site is to give you an overview of our practice and services. What we really want to do is talk to you! So whether you are a caring and concerned pet owner, or a farmer looking for help and support to grow your business, get in touch. Orchard Vets is the practice for you!

Pet owners – Telephone 01458 832972 or email info@ovg.co.uk

Farm clients – Telephone 01458 832972 or email farmspecialists@ovg.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you soon.