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Rabbit vaccines are currently experiencing a shortage in supply 29th March 2017

Is your rabbit’s vaccination due between now and June 17? The manufacturer of our rabbit vaccines is currently experiencing a temporary shortage in supply. If your rabbit is due a vaccination during this period we would recommend as a matter of urgency that you contact us on 01458 832972 to provisionally book an appointment at […]

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RVN Vacancy 29th March 2017

We are looking for an Registered Veterinary Nurse to join our friendly team here in Glastonbury. Orchard Vets is an independent training practice offering high standard veterinary services.  You will work alongside our friendly team of 3 RVNs, 3 trainees and a Veterinary Care Assistant, and will support 6 full time Vets and a large reception team. […]

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Keeping your pet healthy: dental care 09th March 2017

At Orchard Vets, we not only want to help your pets if they are poorly, but also prevent them from getting unwell in the first place.  And probably the most common illness we see in pets is dental disease. As many as 80% of pets over three years old suffer from some degree of gum […]

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What becomes of the broken hearted? 09th February 2017

Probably almost every time you take your pet to the vet, you will see the vet or nurse listen to their chest with a stethoscope. It’s not an excuse not to talk or listen to you – honest! But what are they listening for? There are three main things the vet is listening to when […]

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New longer opening hours for your convenience 28th November 2016

  At Orchard Vets the patient always comes first. We understand that your pets are more than just animals, they are much loved family members. But we also know that as a pet owner, your life can be hectic too. That’s why our veterinary surgery in Glastonbury is now open later in the evenings and […]

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Bailey versus the Ibuprofen! 28th November 2016

  In a previous post we covered Christmas food and other festive items that can pose a danger to our pets. We thought it also might be an idea to mention a case that came in where Bailey the puppy managed to get hold of his owners hangover cure! It turned out Bailey was a little […]

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Forthcoming ‘Successful Calving’ Farmers Meeting 28th November 2016

  Orchard Vets has a team of farm animal specialists that cover Glastonbury, Street and the surrounding Somerset villages. We understand the importance of sharing information, and never is this more relevant than in the farming community. And although we know that all farms face different challenges, there are certain ‘constants’ that will help us […]

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Welcome to our new website! 15th November 2016

  New logo. New website. Same great service! At Orchard Vets we have always prided ourselves on good old fashioned care, compassion and customer service. And although our vets are continually updating their knowledge and skills in order to remain at the cutting edge of veterinary care, and year on year we invest in our […]

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Coccidiosis Update 10th November 2016

  Coccidiosis is a problem of intensively-reared lambs and calves, occurring primarily indoors where stocking densities are high but may also occur in young animals at pasture, where there is heavy contamination around feed troughs in creep areas during warm wet weather. Loss of gut absorptive capacity results in profuse diarrhoea. Morbidity is high but […]

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Ho Ho Hold On…don’t give that to the dog (or cat)! 10th November 2016

  The John Lewis ad is out and Michael Buble is on the radio. This can mean only one thing…Christmas is coming! It is a time when most of us indulge a little, and we don’t want our pets to feel left out.  Some surveys suggest that around 90% of pet owners buy their furry, feathered or […]

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Worms, fleas and other creepy crawlies! 22nd October 2016

  Ok, so not the most pleasant of subjects but have you ever stopped to think about the vast numbers of potential passengers your much loved animal companions might be carrying around with them? From surface parasites like fleas, lice, ear mites, ticks or chyletiella to mange mites like Sacoptes (fox mange) and Demodex who […]

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