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What Our Clients Say About Us

Orchard Vets – the best in animal care, the best in client care.

At Orchard Vets we pride ourselves on the professional, friendly and compassionate service that we provide to pet owners.  We believe that the service we provide is second to none, and it’s always nice to hear that our clients agree.  Here is what some of them say about us…


Bailey the rescue greyhound

“In March 2016, Bailey, our rescue Greyhound, was attacked by another dog. It was a bloodbath and he was in a huge amount of distress. We called Orchard Vets in Glastonbury and they told us to bring him in immediately. Ten minutes later we were there and a team of vets and nurses were waiting at the front door for us. A few minutes after that Bailey was under anaesthetic and was receiving treatment for his injuries. Greyhounds are not known for their bravery, Bailey is not a young dog and we really didn’t expect him to pull through.

Against the odds, he did. Orchard’s Dr Vicky Stoodley did a superb repair job and after several weeks of aftercare which Bailey came to thoroughly enjoy, he was back on all four paws and tearing around just like in his racing days. I’m certain that without their expertise and attention to his wellbeing he wouldn’t have pulled through and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the practice to every animal lover in the area.”